Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Statement By President Bush

Wednesday June 7, 5:57 pm ET
WASHINGTON, June 7 /PRNewswire/ --

The following is a statement by President Bush:
Today's Senate vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment marks the start of a new chapter in this important national debate. [DB: No it doesn't. You lost. Debates over Ciao!] I thank the Senators who supported this Amendment, but I am disappointed the Senate did not achieve the necessary number of votes to move the amendment process forward. [DB: Why? The people have spoken.] Our Nation's founders set a high bar for amending our Constitution - and history has shown us that it can take several tries before an Amendment builds the two-thirds support it needs in both houses of Congress. [DB: If wishes were horses...] My position on this issue is clear: marriage is the most fundamental institution of our society, and it should not be redefined by activist judges. [DB: What about strict-constructionist judges? Can they define it? Because if they do, I tremble for my country. After all the people who ratified the constitution thought women were chattle, with no rights.. Do you really think national policy should be brought into line with that kind of thinking?] The people must be heard on this issue. And as this debate continues, [DB: The people HAVE been heard. That's why the debate isn't going to contiue. Because the people spoke. AND YOU LOST.] each American deserves to be treated with tolerance, respect, and dignity. [DB: Tolerance, respect, and dignity? Uh huh. But not the legal ability to visit a spouse in hospital, to pass on property, or to have legal protections for their children.]

tolerance, respect and dignity? The man was governor of Texas for too long, now I was here, I know what those words really mean to him and his cronies, his meanings didn't come from the same place mine do, nor is he headed in the same direction the people of this country want to go, but thank G-d for whatever respite one gets from the rule of a mad man.

What is worse, is that this is the tip of an iceberg, an iceberg of cover up for his greater blunders. This is my opinion, born of suffering at his hands for going on 10 years.
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