Thursday, March 30, 2006


Modesty Kabbalah Style

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher will lend their support to the Kabbalah Center by posing naked.

Words fail.

[Notable Comment: At the time Jack said: What kind of words are you looking for: Exploitative, Shameful, stupid, meaningless, hack, confused, bewildered, bored and sad are all available.]


At least they didn't say Jewish

"Pop superstar Madonna has only been truly happy since she joined the Kabbalah religion eight years ago". --- Ireland Online, 10/26/04

The kabbalah religion? So she's moved on from Judaism? Excellent.

And it get's better, as the article continues, the Material Girl notes, in an unintentional show of honesty: "I went to a class and there was a man who looked like a rabbi and what he was saying was amazing."

Says Esther: "In the right light, and the right suit Peter Jackson looks like a Rabbi."

Yes, exactly.


The Misnagdim were right!

They argued 300 years ago that teaching Kabbalah to the masses was a recipe for disaster. Were they wrong? Before you decide, meet Joseph Gelberman a Rabbi who combines yoga with Hebrew mantras

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